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Elders - Statement to the country

On September 12, 2012 will post a declaration that was developed after being officially established in Greensboro North Carolina July 30 - through August 1, 2012.


Council of Elders - Occupy Wall Street - Statement of Solidarity

The Council of Elders, a newly organized, independent group of leaders from many of the defining American social justice movements of the 20th century, declared today that we stand in basic solidarity with the national Occupy Wall Street movement and the committed young people who give guidance to this important quest for justice in the 21st century. We wish to explore every possible, helpful way in which we can connect together the continuing flame of the justice and democratizing movements of the 20th century with the powerful light of the emerging movements of the present time, reflected in the Occupy Wall Street initiatives.

As veterans of the Civil Rights, Women’s, Peace, Environmental, LGBTQ, Immigrant Justice, labor rights and other movements of the last 60 years we are convinced that Occupy Wall Street is a continuation, a deepening and expansion of the determination of the diverse peoples of our nation to transform our country into a more democratic, just and compassionate society—a more perfect union. We believe that the rapidly expanding and racialized impoverishment of our population, the rise of mass incarceration, the celebration of the culture of war and violence all create the bitter divisions among the peoples of our nation and throughout the world. Indeed, we believe such developments among us ultimately diminish the quality of life for all humanity, beginning with our own children who watch as we lower the priority for their care and education.

We applaud the miraculous extent to which the Occupy initiative has been non-violent and democratic, especially in light of the weight of violence under which the great majority of people are forced to live, including joblessness, foreclosures, unemployment, poverty, inadequate health care, etc. Among the Council of Elders, we place the highest value on the role of compassion and non-violent action in our personal and organizational lives. From that hard-won grounding in the humanizing movements of the 20th century we seek to support and join with Occupy Wall Street in contributing to the dreams and visions of many in this nation for a beloved community, a multi-generational, multi-racial, compassionate, democratic society with equality, liberty and justice for all—always searching for partners in the creation of a more peaceful, sustainable world, a world with living, loving and growing space for all of our children.



Jim Lawson at Greensboro



occupy video

Statement of Support for
Occupy Wall Street


Council of Elders

Rev. James Lawson, Jr.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Vincent G. Harding
Denver, CO

Rev. Phillip Lawson
San Francisco, CA

Leonard Beerman
Los Angeles, CA

Harry Belafonte
New York, NY

Daniel Berrigan
New York, NY

Grace Lee Boggs
Detroit, MI

Lewis Brandon
Greensboro, NC

Julian Bond
Washington, D.C.

Joan Brown Campbell
Chagrin Falls, OH

Joan Chittister
Erie, PA

Dorothy F. Cotton
Ithaca, NY

John Fife
Tucson AZ

James Forbes
New York, NY

Danny Glover
San Francisco, CA

Gloria House
Detroit, MI

Sharon "Shea" Howell
Detroit, MI

Dolores Huerta
Bakersfield, CA

Nelson Johnson
Greensboro, NC

Joyce H. Johnson
Greensboro, NC

James A. Joseph
Chapel Hill, NC

Frank Joyce
Grosse Point, MI

Aljosie Aldrich Knight
Atlanta GA

Chokwe Lumumba
Jackson, MS

John Maguire
Claremont, CA

Paul Mayer
East Orange, NJ

Elizabeth Mcallister
Baltimore, MD              

Eugene "Gus" Newport
Berkeley, CA

Suzanne Pharr
Knoxville, TN

Al-hajj Talib Abdur Rashid
Harlen, NY

Bernice Johnson Reagon
Washington, D.C.

Kathy Sanchez
San Idelfonso Pueblo, NM

Ron Scott
Detroit, MI

Charles M. Sherrod
Albany, GA

Shirley Sherrod
Albany, GA

Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons
Gainesville, FL

Gloria Steinem
New York, NY

George Tinker
Denver, CO

Baldemar Velasquez
Toledo, OH

Louis Vitale
Berkeley, CA

Mel White
Long Beach, CA

Alice Walker
Mendocino, CA

Arthur Waskow
Philadelphia, PA


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